Cookie policy

What cookies are and what we use them for

Like many other websites, StayCool OÜ (“We”) and its partners (e.g. third-party service providers, advertising and marketing partners, etc.) may use cookies and pixels when you visit https://www.coolbet.co (“Website”) or access the services provided on Our Website.

The aim of this Cookies Policy is to provide the Website users (“You” or “User”) with clarity and transparency on how We collect and use cookies (“Policy”).

Like most websites we use cookies to a limited extent to enhance the user experience and provide customization and useful features to our website and products. We also use standard analytics software to allow us to see how our users are interacting with the site in aggregate.

Since we are able to collect this data on you, we want to be as clear as possible about how we collect the data, what we collect and most importantly, what we do with it. The aim is to provide you the user, with as much transparency and control as possible.

What we should make clear from the start is that we do not sell the information collected by cookies, nor do we pass the information on to anyone else!

So what are ‘cookies’? Well, a ‘cookie’ is a small piece of information stored on your web-browser (Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc) which allows your web-browser to remember specific information about a website or webpage.

This ‘cookie’ provides us with useful information related to visitors to our website such as, if you’re a unique visitor or if you have been to our website before. The time you spent visiting our website and which particular page you spent the longest time on, allowing us to calculate the average length of time users spend on our website. Also, how did you find your way to our website, via a search engine or from a direct link.

With this information, we can see where our website is working and where it is not. An example could be that we have very few unique (new) visits from customers but we do see that those who have visited us before, do so again.

When we ask for your data it’s to give you something back.

Knowing something more about you, our customer, helps us give you more of what you want. More exclusive offers, more of what you like, more information and more control.

What’s the pick of our bonuses and offers? What’s the right offer that you want? Our newsletters will keep you posted.

Get exclusive online offers and the opportunity to try the latest games and products.

When do we use cookies

During the registration process

These cookies will hold information collected during Your registration and will allow Us to recognize You as a customer and provide You with the services You require. We may also use this data to better understand Your interests while online and to enhance Your visits to Our Platforms.

On Our website

For visitors to Our website, We use cookies to collect information. Our servers use three different types of cookies:

– A ‘session-based’ cookie: This type of cookie is only allocated to Your computer for the duration of Your visit to Our website. A session-based cookie helps You move around Our website faster and, if You’re a registered customer, it allows Us to give You information that is more relevant to You. This cookie automatically expires when You close Your browser.

– A ‘persistent’ cookie: This type of cookie will remain on Your computer for a period of time set for each cookie. Flash cookies are also persistent.

– A ‘permanent’ cookie: This type of cookie will remain on Your computer permanently. However You are in control and can remove them at any time.

We also use ‘Analytical’ cookies which allow us to recognize and count the number of visitors and to see how visitors move around the site when they are using it. This helps Us to improve the way our sites works, for example, by ensuring You can find what You are looking for easily.

Cookies allow us to

– Better understand Your preferences and offer You more relevant promotional offers.

– Distinguish You from other users of our sites, which help Us to provide You with a good experience when You browse our sites and also allows Us to improve our sites.

– Identify Your preferences when customizing content or functionality for You.

– Confirm You are a registered user and save Your log-in details when accessing certain Services on Our website.

– Show you advertisements which are relevant to your interests based on your use of Our sites.

– Collect statistics on the use of Our Services.

The cookies we use

We use several cookies on site, whose aims are the below:

– Run functionality on site optimally by tracking your activity and making sure the content and data you see is personalized and correct.

– Remember your language selection, browsing activity, browser used, device type and preferred products to present you with the content relevant for you.

– Provide you with correct information depending on your entry point on site, such as through a search engine or affiliate network.

– Remember promotions you were interested in to provide you with relevant content based on your preferences.

– Improve security by protecting against fraud and abuse.

Cookies on Coolbet.co:

Name Specification
_insp_nv analytics
_smToken functional
_ga analytics
Incap_ses_720_723517 security
Io Customer support
lc_window_state Customer support
OptimizelyBuckets analytics
OptmizelyEndUserID analytics
Uuid security
.connextra.com advertising
.adform.net advertising
facebook advertising
Livechatinc customer support
hotjar analytics
plumbr analytics
Fs_uid monitoring
_insp_uid analytics
_insp_wid analytics
_insp_slim analytics
_insp_targlpt analytics
_insp_targlpu analytics
_gid analytics

Third Party Cookies

The third party cookies we use:

AdForm cookies are used to deliver more relevant advertising to You at the websites and mobile applications you visit, and for other purposes including research and analysis.

The cookie contains: a random identification number, opt-out or opt-in choice options, or information about campaign/advertisement activity on an advertiser’s site. The cookie expires within 120 days.

Using the cookies’ random identification numbers, Adform collects and stores in the cookie-based profiles anonymous information such as: device type, operating system, browser version, geographic location, URLs on which Adform displays advertisements, or facts about interactions with advertisements (such as number of clicks or views).

During web requests to Adform web-servers, the system is exposed to the IP addresses and/or mobile device Identifiers of User devices.

You can find further information here.

Google: We use Google services for all kinds of operational activities, including Google Cloud and Google Analytics (how you use our website, what information is most relevant for you etc).

We have reviewed their commitment to the GDPR and are assured of their compliance. For more information, please see for Google Cloud from here and for Google Analytics from here.

Please note, that all Google Analytics tracked data, will be deleted after 50 months.

More information about how Google Analytics works and what kind of information it allows to collect and analyse, can be found from here

Coolbet collects this kind of data on the basis of legitimate interest to ensure that we continuously understand the preferences and needs of our customers and to better serve our product offering as well as information, to all of our customers.

You may opt-out from letting Google Analytics to store any of Your data at any time, from here

Live Chat: We use the service for online customer support together with its web analytics capabilities. In order to opt out from the related cookies, please clear them by visiting www.aboutcookies.org in order to obtain information on deleting or controlling cookies.

Manage your cookies

We recognize that personal information is valuable and needs to be treated with care. As we mentioned previously, we will never sell it to anyone and we won’t clutter your email with stuff you don’t want.

We recommend you don’t change your cookie settings as it may limit your user experience and the performance of the site.

However, if you do want to change the cookie settings, you can do this through your browser. Different web browser may use different way of controlling cookies, so you’ll need to use your browser’s help section to find out how to do this or you can visit one of the following browser manufacturers sites directly:

Internet Explorer


Google Chrome


Moreover if you don’t want to continue to receive relevant targeted advertising via our website and via newsletters after you have closed your account, we recommend that you also delete any cookies set on your web browser.

If you are on the web, you can visit the Digital Advertising Alliance’s consumer choice tool at optout.aboutads.info or www.networkadvertising.org/choices to opt out of seeing interest-based advertising from Coolbet in your current browser.

On your mobile device, enable the “Limit Ad Tracking” setting in your iOS phone’s settings, or the setting to “Opt out of Ads Personalization” in your Android phone’s settings.

You can also opt out of Google Analytics by installing Google’s opt-out browser add-on, and opt out of interest-based Google ads using Google’s Ads Settings.

Moreover, You may choose to block advertising or content based on cookies based on your interests by visiting http://www.youronlinechoices.com.

You can limit the use of customer information in targeting Facebook ads here.

Additional information about online advertising: The advertising companies we work with generally use cookies and similar technologies as part of their services. To learn more about how advertisers generally use cookies and the choices they offer, you can review the following resources:

Digital Advertising Alliance

European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance

Alternatively, You can visit www.aboutcookies.org in order to obtain information on deleting or controlling cookies.

What if my cookies are blocked – Unblock them!

With cookies disabled, the website will restrict and disallow you from maximizing your product experience and in some cases may disallow you from taking part completely. For example, with cookies blocked the website will forget your login information producing an inconvenient user experience requiring that you enter the same information multiple times. Such situations indicate that you may have overdone cookie blocking and certain cookies may need to be unblocked.

Unblocking cookies from your web browser will allow you to fully realize the brand experience including the latest casino games, website promotions and the best offers customized just for you.

If you wish to unblock the cookies on our site, or any other website, this can be done through your web browser settings. You may wish to visit www.aboutcookies.org, which contains information on how to do this on a wide variety of web browsers.

We may continue to update our Cookie Policy in order to meet new regulatory changes and also to make sure that we are fully aligned with the new General Data Protection Regulation, which is effective as of 25th of May, 2018.

If You have any questions whatsoever in relation to the Cookies we use, how to manage them or about our Cookie Policy, then please do not hesitate to contact us directly by sending us an email to support@coolbet.co or by writing to privacy@coolbet.co

We will get back to Your request as soon as possible, but no later that within 30 days of sending us the request.

The legal basis for using Cookies is the legitimate interest of Coolbet to ensure the technical functionality of our website(s) and applications. When Cookies are being used in order to remember your preferences, selections or for statistical purposes, then the legal basis is Your consent and prior approval.

Coolbet.co uses cookies to improve website performance and enhance your user experience. If you’re comfortable with this, just continue using the site as normal. Should you require more information about cookie usage just click here.