2021 Canadian Federal Election Odds

Coolbet has a ton of sports odds every day, but if you are looking for something a little different, look no further than the “Politics” tab on the site. The Canadian Federal Election is scheduled to take place on September 20th, with advance polling having begun on Friday, September 10th. The Liberal Party (-185) remains the election favourite with the Conservatives (+120) as the close underdogs to take parliament. Along with the winning party odds we also supply odds for the form of the winning party (minority or majority) as well as totals for the number of seats won and popular vote percentage for each party.


Winning Party

Liberal Party -185

Conservative Party +120

New Democratic Party +5000

Bloc Quebecois +25000

Green Party +30000

People’s Party +50000


Form of Winning Party’s Government

Majority +495

Minority -1000


Liberal Party Number of Seats Won 139.5

Over -118

Under -118


Conservative Party Number of Seats Won 139.5

Over -118

Under -118


New Democratic Party Number of Seats Won 34.5

Over -112

Under -123


Bloc Quebecois Number of Seats Won 25.5

Over -118

Under -118


Conservative Party Popular Vote Percentage 34.5

Over -135

Under -108


Liberal Party Popular Vote Percentage 31.5

Over -127

Under -110


New Democratic Party Popular Vote Percentage 19.75

Over -119

Under -116


Bloc Quebecois Popular Vote Percentage 6.25

Over +100

Under -139


People’s Party Popular Vote Percentage 3.75

Over -139

Under +100


Green Party Popular Vote Percentage 3.25

Over +104

Under -143


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