Super Bowl Exotics Props

As excitement grows in anticipation of Super Bowl LVI, it’s difficult to contain yourself from having a peek at all of the odds focused solely on the big game. The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched and bet-on sporting events each year. It’s an event that has the power to even bring those who aren’t huge fans of the game or sports in general, around a TV to get in on the action. What better way to raise the stakes than to wager a few bucks. There is quite the variety of options to choose from for the big game and you can even find some bets that have nothing to do with what goes on during the contest whatsoever. Not sure how a bet can have nothing to do with the actual game? Let’s take a look and get you even more excited for Sunday.




Opening Coin Toss




Heads +100




Tails +100






Opening Coin Toss Called Correctly




Yes +100




No +100






Winner of Opening Coin Toss




Los Angeles Rams +100




Cincinnati Bengals +100






First Song Played During Halftime Show




California Love +270


Family Affair +500


The Next Episode +550


Still D.R.E. +550


Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang +650


Lose Yourself +700


Drop It Like It’s Hot +750


All the Stars +1000


HUMBLE +1000






Last Song Played During Halftime Show




California Love +165


The Next Episode +550


Lose Yourself +550


Drop It Like It’s Hot +650


Still D.R.E. +650


Family Affair +750


Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang +1100


HUMBLE +1100


All The Stars +1300






First Performing Artist Shown Live During Halftime




Multiple Artists Together +190


Snoop Dog +300


Dr. Dre +350


Eminem +400


Mary J. Blige


Kendrick Lamar +550






Colour of Eminem’s Hair when First Shown




Brown/Black -256


White/Blonde +215


Any Other Colour +550






Colour of First Liquid Poured on Winning Team’s Head Coach




Clear +135


Orange +325


Green/Yellow/Lime +375


None +850


Blue +900


Red/Pink +1300


Purple +1300






First Mention by MVP in Acceptance Speech




Teammates -112


City/Fans +325


Religious Reference +375


Family +750


Coaches +1000


Owner +2000












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