NFL 2021/22 Season Futures

It’s never too early to take a look at some NFL Super Bowl, Conference and Divisional odds. With high expectations that fans will return to stadiums in greater capacities for the 2021 season, home-field advantage becomes that much more important for every team. Study the schedules and updated rosters to find what picks you value for one of the most popular professional sports leagues in North America.


After back-to-back Super Bowl trips including a victory at LIV, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs (+525) are top favourites to win the Lombardi Trophy ahead of this season’s play. The defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+800), who will return all 22 Super Bowl starters from last season, sit in second position and lead the betting odds for the NFC (+400). And even with all the uncertainty surrounding Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers (+1400), they remain the expected favourites to come out of the NFC North (-118).


NFL – Super Bowl LVI Winner


Kansas City Chiefs +525

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +800

Los Angeles Rams +1200

Green Bay Packers +1400

Baltimore Ravens +1400

Buffalo Bills +1400

San Francisco 49ers +1400

Cleveland Browns +1600

Denver Broncos +2000

New England Patriots +2500

Seattle Seahawks +2500

Indianapolis Colts +2500

Miami Dolphins +2800

New Orleans Saints +3000

Tennessee Titans +3000

Los Angeles Chargers +3000

Dallas Cowboys +3200

Arizona Cardinals +3200

Pittsburgh Steelers +3200

Atlanta Falcons +5000

Minnesota Vikings +5000

Chicago Bears +5000

New York Giants +6500

Carolina Panthers +6500

Las Vegas Raiders +6500

Washington Football Team +6500

New York Jets +10000

Philadelphia Eagles +10000

Cincinnati Bengals +10000

Jacksonville Jaguars +10000

Houston Texans +15000

Detroit Lions +15000


NFL – AFC Conference Winner


Kansas City Chiefs +265

Baltimore Ravens +700

Buffalo Bills +700

Denver Broncos +800

Cleveland Browns +900

Miami Dolphins +1400

New England Patriots +1400

Indianapolis Colts +1400

Tennessee Titans +1600

Los Angeles Chargers +1600

Pittsburgh Steelers +1600

Las Vegas Raiders +3200

Jacksonville Jaguars +4000

New York Jets +5000

Cincinnati Bengals +5000

Houston Texans +8000


NFL – NFC Conference Winner


Tampa Bay Buccaneers +400

Green Bay Packers +600

San Francisco 49ers +600

Los Angeles Rams +600

New Orleans Saints +1200

Seattle Seahawks +1200

Dallas Cowboys +1200

Arizona Cardinals +1400

Carolina Panthers +2500

Atlanta Falcons +2500

Minnesota Vikings +2500

Chicago Bears +2500

Washington Football Team +2500

New York Giants +2700

Philadelphia Eagles +3500

Detroit Lions +5000


NFL – AFC East Division Winner


Buffalo Bills -147

Miami Dolphins +350

New England Patriots +375

New York Jets +2200


NFL – AFC North Division Winner


Baltimore Ravens +120

Cleveland Browns +150

Pittsburgh Steelers +450

Cincinnati Bengals +2800


NFL – AFC South Division Winner


Indianapolis Colts +105

Tennessee Titans +130

Jacksonville Jaguars +850

Houston Texans +2200


NFL – AFC West Division Winner


Kansas City Chiefs -250

Denver Broncos +525

Los Angeles Chargers +575

Las Vegas Raiders +2000


NFL – NFC East Division Winner


Dallas Cowboys +135

Washington Football Team +260

New York Giants +435

Philadelphia Eagles +450


NFL – NFC North Division Winner


Green Bay Packers -118

Minnesota Vikings +275

Chicago Bears +350

Detroit Lions +2200


NFL – NFC South Division Winner


Tampa Bay Buccaneers -167

New Orleans Saints +300

Atlanta Falcons +800

Carolina Panthers +1000


NFL – NFC West Division Winner


Los Angeles Rams +180

San Francisco 49ers +200

Seattle Seahawks +325

Arizona Cardinals +575

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